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Omega Therapies Information and Resource centre registration Tax Number XT26322

Now members of the Small Charity Coalition 

Welcome to the Charity Page
To make a £15.00 donation for your membership please click in the link below
On 22nd November 2010 the Inland Revenue granted Omega Therapies charitable status. 
This is great news for those who want to play a more active role in controlling their health care needs. This page shows you the objectives of the charity and how you can benefit from the service.
We aim:
  • to provide information about health matters for all members of the community.
  • to provide resource materials to help members of the community research    alternative healthy lifestyle choices
  • to promote independence in healthy decision making concerning health needs
  • to promote the advancement of education in well being and health
  • to support Voluntary & Community Action
  • to support the advancement of citizenship and community development
  • to provide information to the general public on how they can take better care of their own health care.
  • to be able to provide support to those looking for information about their health problems helping them to gain access to the internet and reference material.
  • to provide information on complementary health care and its benefits.
  • to provide workshops on stress and combating it to local groups and organisations
Our development workshops show users ways of helping each other and themselves cope with stress and to promote well - being.
  • to supply information on the benefits of alternative health care
To achieve these aims we will commit to the following:
  • Fundraising
  • Networking
  • Hiring equipment/premises
  • Employing staff
  • Workshops ( our spell nights are a great success)
Volunteers are always needed to help run the centre.
To help us to achieve these goals you can help by becoming a member of the centre.
Membership fee is £10.00 per year
You Membership fee will go to help with the running costs of the centre.
You will also be invited to attend the committee meetings and have a say in how the centre is run
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