OMEGA THERAPIES  - Omega Therapies, bringing you back into balance

Healing with the Angels
Oracle Cards
Price: £12.00
Small Cauldron
Price: £11.00
Medium Cauldron
Price: £20.00
Worry Angels 1 stone and bag
Helps balance mind and well-being.
Price: £2.00
Worry Dolls
Bsg of 4
Price: £5.00
1 single White Spell Candle smal
Enlightenment, Healing & Cleansing.
Price: £0.30
1 single Yellow Spell Candles
Happiness, Creativity & Confidence
Price: £0.30
1 single Purple Spell Candles
Psychic Ability, Spiritual, Power, Astral & Travel
Price: £0.30
1 single Red Spell Candles
Desire, Energy, Strength & Courage.
Price: £0.30
1 single Orange Spell Candles
Ambition, Luck & Encouragement
Price: £0.30
1 single Black Spell Candles
Protection, Banishing & Negativity.
Price: £0.30
1 single Green Spell Candles
Prosperity, Fertility & sucess.
Price: £0.30
Large Singing Bowl
balance negative sound waves & vibrations from your home.
Price: £35.00
Witches Oracle Stones
for predicting the future and answering questions
Price: £9.00
Owl Mobile
Price: £7.00
Angel Mobile
Price: £7.00
Angel Therapy Oracle Cards
Oracle Cards
Price: £12.00
Pentagram Tarot Bag
Tarot Bag
Price: £4.00
Cone burners
Price: £2.00

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